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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mungkin MB Perak Dato Seri Nizar, dan Pakatan Rakyat boleh berkira-kira membubarkan DUN Perak dan membuat pilihanraya negeri yang baru.

Saya fikir UMNO lebih takut kalau ada pilihanraya sekarang.

EC Decides Changkat Jering And Behrang Not Vacant

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 3 (Bernama) -- The Election Commission today decided that the Perak State Legislative Assembly seats for Changkat Jering (N14) and Behrang (N58) are not vacant as they are still held by the incumbent Assemblymen.

Its Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusuf, said this was because the EC found that there were doubts over the letters of resignation from Mohd Osman Jailu as the Assemblyman for Changkat Jering and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as the Assemblyman for Behrang.

"The EC had looked into the matter thoroughly from the various legal aspects and hereby inform that there are doubts over the resignation letters by the incumbent Assemblymen for the two seats.

"It is also in view of the fact that both Assemblymen have consciously confirmed that both letters are not authorised," he told reporters here.

As such, he said, the EC could not exercise the power under Article 36 (5) of the Perak State Constitution in determining that there were casual vacancies.


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