Yong under ACA probe

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pah Lah promised to go against corruption. At first, almost all people in Malaysia believe the promise. He won in the election by 90% parliament seat. But, this sleeping Prime Minister do nothing. Now, no one trust him on that promise. Only Mat Ezam believe that Pak Lah will go against corruption seriously.

After 48 houses Yong Teck Lee announced that SAPP will go into vote of no confidence against Pak Lah, Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) come into an action to probe him on over RM 5 milion payout.

Why now? Why after vote of no confidence has been announced? Is Pak Lah really serious to go agains corruption or he is trying to threaten his new political enemy.

Remember Datuk Ahmad Said? Just after he has been announced by Istana Maziah of Terengganu, ACA came to probe him on something in Kijal development issue.

Why? Why not even before the 2008 election?

Hey Mat Ezam. What is your opinion bro?


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